Return Policy


We take great pride in our ability to give you unique and quality products. If for some reason we make a mistake, and there is an error on OUR part, we of course will cover all costs to replace the item(s) for you.

When placing an order for personalized or custom made items, please know that as soon as we receive your order, we start working on it to get it ready for shipping as soon as possible. Therefore, no cancellations are allowed.

All custom made orders are subject to material availability at the time of purchase, if a specific flower, color combination, element, etc. is unavailable, we will substitute for a similar color combination and style to make sure the overall design achieves the same look. If you have questions or concerns about this, we will appreciate that you contact us via email BEFORE you place the order, since the processing fee charged by Paypal will NOT be refunded if you decide to cancel your order.

The processing fee charged by Paypal will NOT be refunded on ANY cancelled order.

PLEASE NOTE: If in transit an item becomes unglued, you will have to glue it back on with a glue gun or craft glue.