Quinceañera Porcelain Umbrella Doll – 24


This beautiful Quinceañera porcelain doll is the perfect keepsake from your special day. Lovely centerpiece for your gifts and to sign a guest book table.

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This beautiful Quinceañera porcelain umbrella doll has a very pretty white dress made out of satin and lace, adorned with silver - rainbow shiny metallic sequins.

She is wearing a silver tiara with the number 15 in the middle. She has a silver heart necklace, pearl earrings and is holding a white rose with ribbons and silver pearls hanging. Also a white ribbon with "Mis Quince Años" printed in gold is hanging from the rose.

She has flowing dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. The face and hands are made out of porcelain.

This adorable Quinceañera porcelain umbrella doll is the perfect keepsake from your special day.

It is a lovely centerpiece for your gifts/cards and to sign a guest book table, head table, candy/dessert table, etc. It is also traditionally used for pinning on her dress the pin-on favors or capias that you would later pin on your guests.

If you are celebrating a Sweet 16 instead of a Quinceañero, leave us a note at the time of purchase and we will switch her tiara to a plain silver ( no number) and also the flower she is holding on her hand won't have the ribbon printed "Mis Quince Años, it will be plain white instead.

Approximately 24" tall and 19" diameter at the bottom of her dress.

The doll has an umbrella opening mechanism under her dress that allows her to stand on a flat surface ( you can close it for easy storage )

This is NOT a toy. It is intended for decoration only. Not suitable for children under 14 years old.


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